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Who we are
UNITED OSD founded in early 2002 is a well-established manufacturer of screw air compressor based in Shanghai, CHINA. Over 420 employees deployed in 29 provinces. The company now has 30 operating branches across the country.

What we do
Since it's inception, UNITED OSD provided a wide range of products ranging from 5.5kW~630kW (FAD: 0.65m3/min~120m3/min) is a one-stop shop air solution provider.
UNITED OSD strictly follow the doctrine of “ Do the right thing at the very beginning” and pursue the objective of “Zero defect” in our production line.

Who we want to be
Today, UNITED OSD endeavored to enhance its reliability to customers and responsibility to society, shareholders and stakeholders. To continue our mission and vision being a well-recognized entity around the world, the company will prepare enough to go public in the next few years by 2015 and build the first national lab of compressed air in Shanghai.

Customer policy
Taking the lead of adopting 2 years' warranty, for whole package in the field, UNITED OSD not only aimed to a long term service but strive to offer within 24hrs fast speed of reaction to customer's feedback and simplest convenient maintenance. It provides the best investment experience to the world. Over 90% of repeating purchases from our valuable customers is the best encouragements and compliments to us.

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