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    The story begins with the Sun family starting their journey of compressor business more 30 years ago. At that time, Domestic market is still a never land yet to be tapped for many Chinese entrepreneurs, Mr. Sun QiMin (the left of first) The founder of UNITED OSD company with sagacious perspective and gut devoted himself into this field leaded and trained a massive of outstanding compressor elites scatting almost every corner of mainland China with more than 100 branches, people in compressor industry honored him as “Management Master”.

   Like every successful enterprises gone through many roughly paths, Mr. Sun Yunchuan( the right of first) a well-trained engineer and talented professional manager with over 20-year experience in company management and governance once served as a leader of AIRTOP GROUP. His knowledge and vision help UNITED OSD pull through many difficulty and hardships and turn the table in the fierce competition environment.

   The idea of establishing UNITED OSD derived from 15 years ago, Mr. Sun QiMin and Mr. Sun Yunchuan met every year and shared their dreams to each other till the opportunity come in 2002 arrived is the third shareholder Wu XiangXin( the right side of the second) a new blood. Once serve as COO for several compressor companies now he is the head of Peking Branch. 10 years of sales and service experience forge this man to be elite in marketing and governance. With his enthusiastic attribute, a joint-venture set up.

    For a long time, the compressor industry was dominated by many oversea brands. The Three shareholders holding their dreams raised the empire of UNITED OSD from the ash in 2002 aiming to be a pioneer and leader in this field to provide their customers the best investment experiences.

   The Brand “UNITED” was also a company culture and guideline to every member.
“Dream on passion” is their spirit. “Behold the spirit; nurture the company image; work together and fulfill dreams” is their way to success. UNITED OSD people will continue their efforts and dedicate to increase social responsibility in return for many years of success and endeavor to evaluate the brand awareness for offering a bright future to every stakeholder.

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